Potential Squared choose CMAP PSA Software

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 30 Jan 18
1 minute read

Change management specialists Potential Squared sign-up to CMAP's Consulting Edition.

Potential Squared implement CMAP PSA Software for Consultants


Potential Squared are a training consultancy specialising in change & innovation based in Berkhamsted.

Operating with a global network of over 100+ associate consultants & business role players, their main requirements focus around gaining a single point of data entry to enable a seamless flow of information; from early stage opportunities, through to delivery and completion.

So to get the most out of their project data and facilitate live performance reporting, they needed to benefit from the accuracy and consistency of an integrated PSA software solution such as CMAP.

With CMAP, project data only has to be entered in to the system once. Meaning any risk of error is minimized. Plus, no unnecessary time will need to be spent on data duplication.

This will also mean that staff will benefit from referencing the same information; from initial CRM activity, through to resourcing and beyond; also seamlessly integrating expenses & billing information with their accounting package.

Going forward, CMAP will save their staff a huge amount of time, also ensuring far greater accuracy in reporting, with CMAP acting as a single source of truth for all project information.


Put an end to grinding processes.

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