We're excited to share details of the new Project Teams feature in CMAP, which will unlock some super-powerful project reporting capabilities for our clients.

What are Project Teams?

Project Teams allow you to record all the people working on your projects in CMAP, no matter if they're internal or external contacts. 

Meaning you can pull together everyone working on a project; whether they're staff, suppliers, subcontractors or anyone else you work with during project delivery.

screenshot of Project Teams in CMAP

Project Teams are incredibly easy to set up, as long as your team member is stored in your CMAP Contacts database, or is set-up as an internal CMAP user within your company, you can add them to a Project Team just by searching for their name.

Screenshot of adding a Project Team member in CMAP

Project teams also feed the Report Builder in CMAP BI, so you have the freedom to produce custom reports & analyse the data any way you like.

Find out more about custom reporting in CMAP here: