Q5 Partners choose CMAP Consulting Edition

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 18 Jan 17

UK-based Management Consultancy Q5 Partners have signed up to CMAP Consulting Edition.

Q5 choose CMAP integrated project management software for consultants

Q5 are a rapidly growing consultancy, with offices stretching as far as Hong Kong, New York and Sydney.

CMAP was recently chosen by Q5's managing partners as the system best equipped to handle their day-to-day operations and long-term growth plans across all of their offices:

"We’re in a period of rapid growth, so we needed a system that offered a single point of entry across our global offices.

CMAP was the perfect choice as it’s incredibly intuitive and user-friendly, plus it has the level of detailed functionality we need to drive our plans forward."

Daryl Edwards, Founding Partner

Going forward, Q5 will use CMAP as a single space to manage their projects, timesheets and expense handling across all of their global offices.

Consolidating all the disparate spreadsheets and systems into one unified platform should translate into significant time savings and efficiencies for support staff, and equip Q5 with the project intelligence needed to expand even further.


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