We're pleased to announce global security design and engineering services firm QCIC Group have signed up for CMAP's AEC Edition.

QCIC Group join CMAP project management

With offices in the UK, USA, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, QCIC provide specialist security engineering services for the built environment together with consultancy services to ensure the safety of key personnel.

They got in contact with us following a recommendation from their accountant, having outgrown their current solution and spreadsheets due to rapid growth.

They were impressed with CMAP's ability to allow their staff to start managing their own processes, integration with Xero, and the CRM functionality integrating with project performance  information.
All this information is tied together and surfaced via our visual Dashboards, allowing you to drill down into any area of your business with one click.

We're excited to have QCIC Group join us and looking forward to working with them.


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