Red Light Spells Danger

Author: Tom Rains
Date Posted: 08 Feb 12
1 minute read

It's not just the title of a classic '70s song by Billy Ocean. It's an inspiration for one of the features of our CMAP software.

(Not heard this song? Check it out on YouTube.)

It’s a key CMAP feature that's designed to help eradicate the drain of money from your business as a result of over-delivering.

For, try as you might, you can't ignore a red light.

Red flags up problems. And when these problems are flagged up early enough, you've time to take evasive action. Before costly consequences.

That's just what CMAP can help you do about spending too much time on projects.

CMAP's Live Project Status dashboard box uses traffic lights to give you an immediate insight into the health of your projects. Key amongst these traffic lights is the live Budget vs. Actuals warning.


CMAP Live Project Status Dashboard CMAP's Live Project Status dashboard will warn you when your projects are having issues.


As soon as your project looks like it's going over budget, the traffic light will glow red, alerting you that there's a problem.

But we don't stop there. Click the red traffic light and you immediately see a live Budget vs. Actual report for the offending project so you can see exactly what's going on.

Simple, but extremely effective.

CMAP can't prevent projects from going over budget. But it will alert you to it faster, and tell you exactly which part of the project is responsible.

Now, if I could just get that damn Billy Ocean song out of my head!

CMAP's project dashboards have got even better since this post was first published, click through to our main site to see how.