Much to our delight, Burwell Deakins have joined the CMAP family.


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The Deptford-based architectural firm have multiple RIBA national and regional awards to their name, and were looking to streamline their convoluted project management process.

It was a story we’re all too familiar with here at CMAP - a multi-system nightmare of spreadsheets and manual processes that were just getting in the way, stopping the team from doing more of the stuff they want to do.

Impressed by our knowledge and wealth of respected clients within the sector, an on-site visit and demo left them in no doubt that CMAP ticked all the boxes.

The real-time reports will help Burwell keep on top of projects to ensure they’re coming in on-time and within budget, while the advanced resourcing module gives them all the flexibility they need to ensure they’ve got the right staff on the right job.

Ultimately, CMAP should help them increase their profitability as they look to expand their already excellent team.

We’re looking forward to getting them up and running and helping them achieve those goals.

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