New to CMAP: Security Permissions Overhaul

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 08 Jun 17
1 minute read

One of the key advantages of CMAP is its ability to be used by (and be useful for) everyone in a professional services firm - from billable staff, to project management/resourcing managers, right through to senior management. 

This is largely made possible by the levels of accessibility and personalisation that CMAP offers on an individual user basis. With CMAP, specific features, report types & even entire modules can simply be enabled or disabled per user, depending on their needs. This exists to help staff zone in on the areas that actually matter to their role  – so billable project workers tend to experience an entirely different view of CMAP to that of a typical finance user. 

The old way to do this on CMAP was via a typical feature checklist, in which features could simply be turned on or off for each individual. But doing this numerous times on an individual user basis - going through all of the features and report types that CMAP offers - could often end up taking some time.

Now, we’ve made this process even simpler:

Our new Security Tool provides the option to group staff members into particular teams of user access levels – e.g. finance, admin, projects & so on. Meaning you can manage the user permissions of your team members within a fraction of the time. 

Default dashboards can even be assigned to each user group that's set up, helping to further drive focus towards the items that matter to different teams  - including reports, projects or figures.

This update to security permissions compliments CMAP's wider user access settings, particularly in terms of its ability to map to global company structuresDesigned for firms operating across multiple offices or locations around the world, company structure mapping ensures that only staff operating at group level can get a birdseye overview of activities across their entire organisation, with everyone else seeing the activities and configuration associated with their local office.

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