Source Health Economics Choose CMAP For Capacity Management

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 28 Jan 20
1 minute read

We’re delighted to announce Source have signed up for our HealthComms edition.

Source Health Economics Choose CMAP For Capacity Management

Combining over 24 years of experience, and with offices in Oxford and London, Source Health Economics design, develop and communicate accessible health economic solutions for a wide range of clients.

The success of the firm has seen it enjoy consistent growth, and as a result, they began hunting for a system that could help them better assign their growing numbers of staff. After a demo last year, it became clear that CMAP was just what they needed.

Our drag and drop workload schedule will make it much easier to assign the right staff to the right projects, with live resourcing reports enabling them to get a much clearer view of current and future demand.

There’s much more to CMAP of course, and those resourcing tools are complemented by an accessible and easy-to-use timesheet system, as well as feeding real-time budget vs actual reports to help them keep projects on the straight and narrow.

We’re pleased to welcome the firm on board, and are just as keen as them to get them up and running.



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