Introducing The CMAP Academy

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 23 Feb 18
2 minute read

We're delighted to announce the launch of the CMAP Academy; a dedicated online learning platform for CMAP users.

If you're an existing user, you can access the Academy by clicking on the new Learn button that now appears next to the search bar at the top right of your screen.

CMAP Academy Learn Button


Why have we created the CMAP Academy? 

We want to make it as easy as possible to implement, use & get on board with CMAP. So the Academy aims to serve 2 primary functions:

1. To make it easier for our existing clients to train new hires on CMAP

2. When migrating an organisation to another business system, its common for one particular individual - either a systems manager or an office manager -  to become the 'font of all knowledge' internally - which requires a lot of time & input from these individuals. The Academy aims to spread the load a bit, making things more manageable and less dependent on the availability of certain individuals. 

In short, we want to make the training process work for you and your staff.

So we've been racking our brains on how to make things better, easier & more manageable.

The result is the CMAP Academy. 

With the Academy, you (and your team) will be able to revisit training on demand & train new staff to get them up to speed in no time; without impacting your own time.

CMAP Academy Menu


How does it work?

The Academy is a simple, online platform containing a series of video-based courses. 

These courses are organised in to lessons that cover the specific functionality and processes required to use CMAP in the most efficient way possible.

So depending on the roles & requirements of your staff; some may only need to complete one course, whereas others may need to run through multiple courses. 

Progress made on each course is indicated to each user in the menu.

CMAP Academy Lesson Page


The Academy Progress Report

To help you track your team's proficiency & understanding of CMAP, we've also created a reporting mechanism called the Academy Progress Report.

CMAP Academy Progress Report

The Academy Progress Report sits under the Reports tab to give you & your management team confidence that your staff will use CMAP correctly.

The progress of each team member is shown as a % via a visual traffic light system.

We've taken the time to create this because we understand that your software application is only as good as the data you input in to it. This is true of any software.

So the Academy is our way of ensuring that everyone in your organisation understands the role that they need to play in making CMAP work for your business.

We're super excited about the arrival of the Academy & can't wait to see the impact it has supporting both our new & existing clients. 

Not using CMAP?

Feel free to get in touch  to find out how CMAP can support your business, or continue browsing to learn more about what the Academy can do for you.