The PSA Answer Is In The Cloud For Glanville Consultants

Author: Phil Smith
Date Posted: 21 Jan 20
1 minute read

We’re pleased to welcome multi-disicplinary consultants Glanville into the CMAP fold.


The PSA Answer Is In The Cloud For Glanville Consultants

The firm provides consultancy across a wide range of services, including structural and civil engineering, geometrics, and building surveying, as well as transport and highways.

As the firm has continued to grow, a need for a more streamlined project management system became apparent.

After assessing a number of options, Glanville enthusiastically opted for CMAP for a number of reasons. Our cloud-based platform – with geo-redundancy courtesy of being hosted on Microsoft Azure - helped allay any fears about the reliability of an on-premises solution.

As is often the case with CMAP, they were also won over by our intuitive interface and ease-of use. Things like our drag and drop workload tool will make resourcing a much simpler process, while CMAP BI will help give a clearer view of project performance thanks to the powerful Report Builder tool.

Plus, CMAP’s built-in CRM will help the firm continue to grow by streamlining their business developments, seamlessly moving projects from lead, to pipeline, to delivery.

We look forward to working with Glanville towards their continued success.



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