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How inconsistent project pricing could be costing your business

Posted by Dave Graham on 16 Apr 18

The job costing process can sometimes be a complete lottery. Read More

The Evil Twins That Could Be Killing Your Project Profitability

Posted by Dave Graham on 18 Dec 17

I spend most of my time working with service-based business owners and I’ve yet to see a firm that hasn’t suffered at the hands of the Evil... Read More


Posted by Dan Arthurs on 18 Oct 17

You've probably heard the term GDPR being waved about a fair bit by now (if you haven't, then you should definitely continue reading this... Read More

The 5 Step Plan For Improving Project Profitability [Download]

Posted by Paul Ard on 04 Oct 17

Building a successful, profitable service-based business can be hard work. But there are a few steps you can take to make things a little... Read More

How Pipeline Reviews Produce Instant Fee Forecast Reports

Posted by Tom Rains on 31 Oct 14

No matter what line of work you're in, regular sales pipeline reviews have far-reaching impact that affect the decisions  you make in other... Read More

How To Rein-In "Over Delivery"

Posted by Tom Rains on 28 Apr 14

Over delivery o·ver [oh-ver] de·liv·er·y [dih-liv-uh-ree] 1.Spending more time on projects than you've billed for Read More

CMAP's Cost of Sale Report

Posted by Tom Rains on 13 Jan 14

The Cost of Sale Report is an extremely handy tool. It shows how much speculative time you spent on the projects you won (and are in the... Read More