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CMAP's Cost of Sale Report

Posted by Tom Rains on 13 Jan 14

The Cost of Sale Report is an extremely handy tool. It shows how much speculative time you spent on the projects you won (and are in the... Read More

'Part Winning' Projects In CMAP

Posted by Tom Rains on 04 Dec 13

'Part winning' (where a client signs-off a project in stages, rather than as a whole) is fast becoming commonplace. Without CMAP's Part Win... Read More

Creating, Building & Maintaining Relationships With Email Marketing

Posted by Tom Rains on 04 Jul 13

It always surprises me how many services-based companies don't do email marketing. Personally, I think you should all be doing it. Some have a... Read More

Your Bottom Line's New Best Friend

Posted by Tom Rains on 10 May 12

Ever wonder why a project that looked so promising turns out to be a loss-making dog? Here’s a classic tale-of-woe from the design world that... Read More

How Do You Make A Profit When You're Forced To Under-Quote?

Posted by Tom Rains on 21 Apr 12

One of the biggest problems I’m hearing right now from the architects I work with is that they're being forced to massively under-quote to have... Read More

The lazy designer that cost me an Aston Martin

Posted by Tom Rains on 10 Mar 12

As you probably know, I’m always talking about the scourge of over-delivery and the terrible impact it has on your profits. Well, here’s a... Read More

Red Light Spells Danger

Posted by Tom Rains on 08 Feb 12

It's not just the title of a classic '70s song by Billy Ocean. It's an inspiration for one of the features of our CMAP software. (Not heard... Read More