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What's new in CMAP: GDPR Update

Posted by Dan Arthurs on 23 May 18

With GDPR coming into effect this week, we feel that now is as good a time as any to provide you with a detailed overview of how CMAP's... Read More

What's new in CMAP: Revenue Recognition Tool

Posted by Paul Ard on 17 May 18

We've just upgraded the revenue phasing tool in CMAP. If you're not yet familiar with this tool, there are plenty of reasons why now is as... Read More

Introducing The CMAP Academy

Posted by Paul Ard on 23 Feb 18

We're delighted to announce the launch of the CMAP Academy; a dedicated online learning platform for CMAP users. Read More

New to CMAP: AEC Fee Estimator

Posted by Paul Ard on 14 Feb 18

As an AEC firm, you can't just rely on one single approach to job costing. Read More

New to CMAP Project Accounting: The Finance Tab

Posted by Paul Ard on 27 Sep 17

Finance teams rejoice; you now have your own dedicated area in CMAP! Read More

New to CMAP CRM: Grids, Glorious Grids

Posted by Paul Ard on 15 Aug 17

We’ve recently overhauled the user interface of our CRM, Pipeline & Projects modules with a new & improved, customisable grid format. Read More

CMAP Engineering: The next version

Posted by Gary Thickett on 19 Jul 17

CMAP Engineering and where we're going next Read More