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Invoicing in multiple currencies with CMAP

Posted by Tom Rains on 18 Mar 14

We've made it easier than ever for you to handle multiple currencies within CMAP Read More

What's New in CMAP: Timesheet Summary Report

Posted by Tom Rains on 20 Feb 14

What is a Timesheet? A timesheet is simply a way of recording how much time an employee spends on a task or activity. Read More

New Drag And Drop Feature In The Fee Estimator

Posted by Tom Rains on 10 Feb 14

We've introduced a nifty feature to the Fee Estimator that makes it super-quick and easy to play about with your job costing in CMAP. In this... Read More

Practice Management Software for Architects & Engineers

Posted by Tom Rains on 01 Feb 14

Are you an Architect or Engineer that burns lots of time and effort filling multiple spreadsheets & crunching reports? Read More

CMAP for MedComms & Life Sciences Consultancies

Posted by Tom Rains on 31 Jan 14

Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting development in CMAP's evolution, tailored specifically for agencies in the pharma space. We're... Read More

CMAP Password Security Upgrade

Posted by Tom Rains on 13 Dec 13

You'll probably be no stranger to password policies. They're commonly used by web-based email services, online banking, etc. Read More

How To Predict Your Staffing Levels (And Hire Wisely)

Posted by Tom Rains on 25 Nov 13

It seems there's always pressure from two camps in professional services firms.  Read More