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How to Calculate Your Fee Earning Capacity

Posted by Tom Rains on 10 Jul 13

When you get right down to it, professional services companies sell time. It stands to reason then, that you should know how much time you... Read More

Cumulative invoicing with CMAP project accounting software

Posted by Tom Rains on 12 Apr 13

CMAP's project accounting functionality supports finance teams in numerous ways. One advantage is automated billing processes, which... Read More

Using The Percentage-Based Fee Estimator In CMAP

Posted by Tom Rains on 05 Apr 13

In this short movie, CMAP CEO, Dave Graham shows you how to use the new “percentage-based” version of CMAP’s Fee Estimator tool. Read More

Red Light Spells Danger

Posted by Tom Rains on 08 Feb 12

It's not just the title of a classic '70s song by Billy Ocean. It's an inspiration for one of the features of our CMAP software. (Not heard... Read More