Trinity McQueen get CMAP for Agencies

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 22 Feb 18
1 minute read

Trinity McQueen have signed up to CMAP's Agency Edition.

Market research consultancy Trinity McQueen implement CMAP project management software

Trinity McQueen are a full-service market research & insight consultancy with over 40 staff, operating out of offices in Leeds & London.

In recent years, the business has seen a large increase in both their turnover & client-base.

With this, management were becoming increasingly aware of rising administration costs - both financial and time-based.

So for them, the key to moving forwards was to centralise their processes through CMAP.

CMAP will provide the necessary members of staff with the same view. Saving them the need to keep updating one another via emails and phone calls, thus freeing up the time of senior staff to analyse project performance, as well as the wider performance of the business.

To support this further, they've also chosen to implement CMAP BI, an advanced custom reporting module which will help them cut through their data any way they like.

Overall, they can clearly see how CMAP will pay for itself. There will be a lot less data duplication and manipulation. Plus, a centralised view of their projects & timesheets will make things altogether simpler, yet more insightful for their staff.

We're looking forward to begin working with Trinity McQueen, who will be our 5th client in the market research space. 

Find out about CMAP for agencies, brand & insight consultancies via the link below.


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