If you have Fee Estimator approvals turned on, you will notice that this now works differently. We've beefed-up your options and we're sure you'll love it!

This blog post will now talk you through the changes…

To get approval for your Fee Estimate, you need to click the “Send for Approval” button at the top of the Fee Estimator.

Clicking Send for Approval will open a window where you choose the approvers you wish to send it to (you can also review the status of approvals here once they're sent).

Start to type in the approvers name and it will appear as a selectable user in the dropdown (Note: to appear as an approver a user will require “Fee Estimator Approver” to be selected on their user profile)

As you add approvers, emails will be sent to them to ask them to review the quote.

If an approver rejects a Fee Estimate the Project Manager (and Wingman) will be informed of the rejection via an email, which will also contain the notes of reasons why.

Once all approvers have given the go-head, the Project Manager (and Wingman) will be informed via email that they can now convert the pipeline project to a potential, as the Fee Estimate is approved. The bar at the top of the Fee Estimator will also turn green and show ‘”Fee Estimator Approved”.

Approvers can also be removed from the list and you can add more approvers at any time.

If you make any changes to the Fee Estimator, the approval process will be reset, and you’ll have to send it for approval again.