We're excited to announce Brightworks Sustainability have signed up to CMAP's Project Accounting for AEC firms.

Brightworks Sustainability United States choose CMAP AEC

Brightworks Sustainability help their clients establish and implement operational sustainability programs to reduce their environmental footprints, and increase their operational performance. They have been providing their services since 2001,  making them one of the first sustainability consultancies in the United States.

The consultancy got in contact with us because they were looking at replacing their legacy integrated ERP & General Ledger.  One of the main requirements for Brightworks is a software solution that every department in the business will want to use, as they understand this will drive employee adoption, which leads to more accurate data in CMAP. This ultimately means reporting is easier which improves decision-making improve substantially.
You can read more about how CMAP is designed to increase employee adoption and what the CMAP Academy is by clicking below: VIEW THE CMAP ACADEMY

With 6 offices spread across the United States from East to West Coast, fast and reliable cloud hosting is an essential requirement for Brightworks.
CMAP is hosted and backed up on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting network, providing our clients with disaster recovery features like geo-replication redundancy & 35 day "point in time" restore. These business critical disaster recovery mechanisms are provided in CMAP as standard.

We've been hosted on Microsoft Azure since 2013, with CMAP hosted in the cloud since 2008, making this our official 10 year anniversary as a true cloud hosted software solution!

We're excited to have Brightworks Sustainability join us and looking forward to working with them.

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