We've pleased to announce AlphaBioCom have chosen CMAP as their integrated project accounting software solution.

AlphaBioCom CMAP HealthComms project management software

Based a short 30-minute drive out of Philadelphia in King of Prussia,  AlphaBioCom have been providing medical and scientific communications services to the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years.

The firm specialises in an A-Z of clinical areas ranging from Autoimmune disease, Infectious disease, right through to Vasual surgery.

One of the main reasons AlphaBioCom selected CMAP is because of our resource planning & scheduling tools.

Their legacy system had limitations, which meant that in order to continue delivering the best projects for their clients, they had to take their resource planning & scheduling back into spreadsheets. Not only is this process very time-consuming, it also means reporting is very difficult especially when you want to see the availability of staff for projects at any time.

The Staff Availability report in CMAP will provide the team at AlphaBioCom with a live & up-to-date view of who is (or also isn't) available to work on a project right now & into the future.

The firm's staff will also have access to a whole host of project profitability tools designed specifically for HealthComms firms. CMAP Founder & CEO Dave Graham's background is working in successful HealthComms firms so we understand their requirements.

AlphaBioCom's core principles are "Precision, Integrity, and Passion" with a dedication to customer service. We share the same principles at CMAP and look forward to working with them to achieve the firm's goals.

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