We've made some great improvements to the Consulting, Agency and HealthComms editions when scheduling invoices in Resourced Time and Materials projects.

When you have a Resourced Time and Materials project in CMAP, we automatically schedule the invoices for you.

This is useful as it makes sure that you are prompted to invoice the project each month even though the value you invoice is unlikely to be the amount which was originally scheduled.

However, when things change, like the Project End Date for example, the invoice schedule isn't updated, meaning you might miss that prompt to invoice for any extra months which have been added to the project.

To make sure that invoicing doesn't get missed, we've made an update so that each time a project is extended, we will schedule a zero value invoice for each extra month added.

We decided to make these invoices zero value as we don't want to mess with any invoice schedules you may have already set up!

My Scheduled Invoices

These invoices will still show on your My Scheduled Invoices Dashboard and the Invoice Report making sure that you will be prompted to bill them at the right time.

This upgrade applies to the Consulting, Agency and Healthcare Communications Editions of CMAP.