What's new in CMAP: Workload Schedule Role view

Author: Paul Ard
Date Posted: 05 Nov 18
1 minute read

We've added a new view to the Workload Schedule in all editions which we hope you find very useful.

The Workload Schedule in CMAP is a simple drag & drop functionality that speeds up the processes of managing resource allocation and project extensions. It's designed to keep resources off the bench and busy on fee paying work. 

Workload schedule planning tool

This new view is organised according to Role and also shows any Placeholders used for the Roles. The 'On the Bench' panel will not appear in the new view.

You can switch to the new Role View quite easily by clicking View Options and the selected view will be remembered the next time you come into the Workload Schedule. 

Resource allocation view of CMAP

We can also set the default view in the background, which means that all of your CMAP users would see the Role View when they go into the Workload Schedule. 

The new functionality compliments the existing filter options in the Workload Schedule below:

Resource planning by skills

This update is now live in the Architects & Engineers, Consulting, Creative Agency and HealthComms editions of CMAP.

If you would like to find out more about our powerful and flexible Resource Planning and Scheduling tools, click here: MORE ABOUT RESOURCE PLANNING