Seamlessly transfer accounting transactions between CMAP and Business Central with the CMAP integration for Business Central.


If you're considering a move to Business Central, as is the way with Microsoft, you need to go through a re-seller rather than direct. Please feel free to contact us so we can introduce you to a re-seller that covers the Americas and EMEA with a proven pedigree in professional services organization migrations and implementations.

The integration between CMAP and Business Central requires additional one-off services, plus the standard licensing and maintenance obligations you'd expect. It offers seamless automation between CMAP's sales invoice, purchase invoice and personal expenses data, and the GL.

If you're an existing Business Central site or Business Central has made your shortlist, we have a variety of materials we can provide that should demonstrate why Business Central (combined with CMAP) should sit toward the very top of the list.

It marries two best-of-breed systems that superbly handle the challenges of small-to-medium businesses right through to the more complicated challenges at the enterprise level e.g. multi-entity, multi-currency, etc.

All too often, systems have tried to be all things to all people, combing the GL with project accounting in one system. The end result is that you usually have a system that's strong in one area, but weak in the other. If the system started out as a GL and later built project accounting bolt-ons into it, the GL may be strong, but the project side weak - and vice versa.

CMAP and Business Central represents the very best of the two worlds and the integration creates the holistic bridge between the two. Finance are happy. Operations are happy.

Please contact us for more information.

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