Integrate CMAP with OpenAsset to sync your project management information with your digital assets.

Imagery is one of the most powerful proof of concepts that your architectural practice can possess in the race to win new business. So it makes sense that you’re able to link your image-based assets to the rest of your project management data in CMAP.

CMAP's integration with OpenAsset feeds crucial project details like CRM contacts and Project ID information right through to OpenAsset.

Screenshot of OpenAsset integration in CMAP

Save your staff a ton of time by eliminating data duplication . So you can literally upload and manage content in OpenAsset based on your projects in CMAP.

It also works both ways, so you can view your OpenAsset images directly from the project page in CMAP, and click directly through to the relevant area in OpenAsset.

Plus, the integration only needs to be set up once. So when you're connected, you're connected. Download the walkthrough guide to see how it all works:

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