Our integration with Outlook is currently under development & is set to launch very soon.

Our brand new integration with Outlook will enable you to connect your CRM & project information to your email activity.

Keeping client communication in-check with both your live projects & CRM is ridiculously easy with the CMAP plugin for Outlook. With just the click of a button, you can:

  • Push new contact information, emails & calendar events straight into CMAP for improved lead management
  • Get a full view of the activities, pipeline & live projects relating to your contacts within Outlook.
  • Explore further if you need to. Use the search bar & interactive modules to pull what you need from CMAP.

The integration surfaces information from CMAP directly within Outlook and also allows you to push contact information, emails and even calendar events directly into CMAP.

It improves client management by making the link between your CRM and your email activity more seamless than ever before.

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