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Live project reporting for healthcare communications & life sciences consultancies - monitor project performance & project profitability

Live Performance Tracking

CMAP tracks live timesheet, personal expenses and purchase invoice data to drive real-time Budget vs. Actual reports.

You can then easily identify poor performing projects and take action (adjust resourcing, negotiate additional fees, etc.) before it's too late.

The Story So Far feature allows you to compare actuals to your percentage complete and predict the recovery rate.

Over time, CMAP's report suite helps you to understand where your projects are profitable - or not - and gives you the tools to learn, adapt and scale.


Screenshot of ceo dashboard with gap analysis figures

Gap Analysis Reporting

CMAP allows you to set targets and run revenue and invoicing gap analysis reports:

  • By Client
  • By Project Type
  • By Team 

Gap analysis reports help your company hit its targets, and allow you to take measures to make sure the overall target is achieved - such as reducing a target that will be missed whilst increasing one that's already been met.

CMAP resource scheduling tool makes resource management simple for healthcare communications & life sciences consultancies

Resourcing Made Simple

CMAP's Workload Schedule tool enables you to make quick changes with a simple drag and drop.

You can resource directly within the tool, rather than going into the project itself, and make changes to the allocation such as extending the time frame.

It's further supported by CMAP's skills and attributes tools, helping you find the right people in your resource pool.

Plus, CMAP's resourcing reports make sure you have an accurate view of current and future demand, and whether or not you have the capacity to deliver it.


CMAP simplifies the job costing process with customisable rate cards, fee structuring templates and multi-currency quoting

Fast, Accurate Fee Estimates

Take the guesswork out of job costing with CMAP's Fee Estimator tool.

The types of projects you do over and over can be templated to establish accuracy and consistency. If you're quoting for a project that's similar to others you've done, pull in the relevant parts of their fee estimates to build the budget. Or, if you prefer, start from scratch. There's an option for every scenario.

With optional approval workflows, solid multi-currency and rate card management, version control and more, you can confidently give clients the level of detail they demand.


Screenshot of Key Account Management Profiles for Healthcare Communications Agencies in CMAP

Key Account Management

Every company has a Key Account Management profile, pulling together useful information for account managers and client services.

Key objectives can be set, such as expanding into other accounts, and reviewed to help keep the strategic aims of the business in focus.

CMAP charts sales year-by-year, so you can see at a glance whether business is growing or falling.

What's more, you get an overview of all the current opportunities and their value, live projects and how they're performing, completed projects (including what the average recovery rate is with the account) and even cost of sale information on the projects that didn't progress.

All of this data serves to put you in the optimal position to plan and handle the account.

Screenshot of MSA Tracking functionality in CMAP Software for healthcare communications

MSA Tracking

CMAP stores your Master Service Agreements, including the all important expiry date, so your team can give themselves enough time to tackle renegotiations.

You can upload your MSA documents, record any non-competes, and sort by expiration date in one central area.

You can even safeguard your MSA's with CMAP's Security Tool, which restricts access to specific user groups like your finance and client services team.


Screenshot of Retainers for Healthcare Communications Agencies in CMAP

Manage Retainers With Ease

Retainers act as a parent project in CMAP, allowing you to link child projects to them so you can keep track of how much fee you have left to use up. 

All of the child project data is consolidated in the parent retainer project.

If you're working to MSAs covering multiple global regions, you can also manage retainers in multiple currencies.

It's as simple as that.

Custom Fields & Pages

Not only can you create custom fields in CMAP, but you can also produce entire pages to kill off even more of your ad-hoc spreadsheets.

You can set up a milestones and deliverables list, build in an appraisal process, even create a tab for those project reviews you know you should be doing. The possibilities are endless, and it can all be done in seconds with a couple of clicks.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also generate reports on all the data you’ve got in those custom pages using the Report Builder tool within CMAP BI.

No need for costly custom development and no getting left behind when we roll out updates. Just simpler processes, more visible data and more actionable reports.

CMAP for Outlook

The add-in enables you to:

  • Complete and submit your timesheets.
  • Request and manage time off.
  • Complete CRM activities and schedule new follow-up activities.
  • View existing leads and opportunities and create new ones - without having to leave Outlook.
  • Save copies of emails against contacts, as well as against specific leads and projects.
  • View company and contacts data from CMAP in Outlook and create contacts from Outlook in CMAP.



Simple client billing and project accounting for healthcare communications & life sciences consultancies

Flexible Invoicing Workflows

Whether invoice approval is managed centrally, by project managers or somewhere in between, CMAP can be configured to suit your preferred processes.

Fees and additionals can be split into separate lines and posted to different ledger accounts, so pass-throughs don't skew your financial reporting.

To top it all off, integrations with popular accounting packages free up the time for finance to focus on more productive activities and add value to the business.


Business intelligence for healthcare communications & life sciences consultancies. Custom project reporting with CMAP BI

Business Intelligence

The CMAP BI module gives you the drag-and-drop Report Builder tool, giving you the freedom to dig deeper into your data.

Create your own custom reports, choosing the datasets, filters and calculations that will get you to the answers you're looking for.

Reports can also be shared with colleagues or published straight to your dashboard, ensuring you're always switched on.


Integrated timesheets and expense management tool for healthcare communications & life sciences consultancies

Easy Timesheets & Expenses

Tracking time and expenses is the absolute core for a services company, but most systems make this painful and time consuming.

CMAP makes it easy because (a) it's so straightforward and (b) you can submit them from anywhere on desktop, tablet or mobile.

The CMAP Go smartphone app is available on iOS and Android devices and is packed with useful features including taking photos of expense receipts and uploading them to your claim, as well as completing your weekly timesheet.


CMAP HR - People Profiles2

Human Resources

The HR module will let you manage your workforce – and better utilize their skills – right from within CMAP.

Store important documents such as contracts and appraisals against their individual People Profiles, and have general documents (return to work forms, employee handbooks etc) accessible from the main HR tab.

Through the use of custom fields you can add in key skills, abilities and experience to each staff member, allowing you to easily select the best qualified person for any particular project.

Plus, as their timesheet data feeds into the Client and Project Experience panels, you can get an up-to-the-minute view of who your teams are working with, and on what projects.


Custom dashboards support healthcare communications businesses with critical project management decisions

Custom Dashboards

CMAP keeps users up-to-speed on the areas that matter to them, be it project workers with resourcing, project managers with performance, or finance with billing.

Points of note include:

  • Personalisation. You can drag and drop to re-order your dashboard to suit your preferences.
  • Custom dashboard boxes - built using CMAP BI - can be published to your dashboard so you don't need to go off and manually run reports.
  • Dashboards are live. They take the data as it stands right now, so you can make confident decisions.
  • They're interactive. Meaning you can simply click an item to be linked through to the relevant area to investigate or take action.

CMAP's fully integrated CRM lets you connect your pipeline & client management to your live projects

Fully Connected CRM

From a contacts directory, through to lead and opportunity management, CMAP effortlessly streamlines your business development.

Key functionality includes:

  • Companies and contacts database for names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Activities for sales-follow up.
  • Weighted probability-adjusted forecasting, for revenue or resourcing reports.
  • Seamless lead to pipeline to project conversion workflow: no rekeying or duplication.
  • Alerts on your dashboard, in CMAP For Outlook and in CMAP Go on your smartphone.

Importantly, this is all assisted by industry-specific job costing functionality not found in standalone CRMs where the fee is just a number you punch in.


CMAP Mobile Apps support healthcare communications consultancies with project management on the move

CMAP Mobile Apps

CMAP Go makes it easy for your people to stay on top of timesheets, expenses, business development activities and time off, wherever they are.

CMAP BI puts custom reports onto your smartphone, so you can access your key reports whenever you need them. 


Revenue recognition screenshot in CMAP's Healthcare Communications Edition

Dedicated Finance Tools

CMAP has a dedicated Finance tab with important tools for your finance team, including:

  • Managing roles and rates
  • Currencies and FX rates
  • Revenue recognition and month-end
  • Accounting package integrations

Don't worry though, access to this area is restricted to approved users with relevant permissions. 


screenshot of CMAP's xero integration for healthcare communications agencies

Integrate With Key Systems

CMAP provides simple, direct connections with the apps and tools your business uses every day including:

  • General ledger and accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Business Central, Sage, Xero, and more.
  • BI reporting tools including Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau and Yellowfin via our Direct Reporting Service


Stay Informed With Dashboards


Dashboards are fuelled with live data, providing real-time performance insights, alerts and workflow triggers - all of which help your company run like a well-oiled machine.


The visual layout focuses you on the areas that require your attention. The icons are clickable, and CMAP will link you through to the relevant area for a deeper look.


Focus on the data that matters to you. Whether you're a project manager, finance user or senior management; there's a dashboard to suit.


With CMAP BI, you can create custom dashboards to leverage your data, as well as share them with colleagues, and even publish them straight to your phone.

Interactive project dashboards help healthcare communications professionals with real time project reporting

Seeing is Believing

Enough said? It's time to see for yourself! Book your free, personal demo with a CMAP Expert to find out more about our game-changing project management software.

CMAP makes sense of everything instantly and shines light into corners which never saw light before.

– Robert Dodds, Director, BDRC Continental