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Companies All Around The World Love CMAP

Cello Health - Consulting, Insight and Medical Communications
Prime Global Group - Full Service Medical Communications
Oxford Pharmagenesis
Ashfield Healthcare
Lucid Group - a global group of specialist Medical Education companies
Decision Resources Group - Healthcare Research and Data
Valid Insight - Market Access Experts
BresMed - Industry Experts in Health Economics
Helios Medical Communications
Trilogy Medical Writing & Consulting
MTech Access - Health Economics and Value Communication consultancy
CMAP makes it easy to accurately quote for projects

Fast, Accurate Job Costing

Take the guesswork out of quoting with CMAP's Fee Estimator tool.

With version controls, approvals workflow and easily customisable fee structuring templates, CMAP has all of the tools you need to quote accurately and consistently.

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Timesheets and Expenses are easy with CMAP

Easy Timesheets & Expenses

Tracking time and expense information is crucial, but most systems make this rather painful & time consuming.

CMAP does all the hard work for you, making it easy for your people to stay up-to-date with timesheets anywhere, any time via PC or the CMAP Go mobile app.

The same goes for expenses, too. Project workers can simply photograph receipts and submit expense claims via CMAP Go.

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Get a real-time view of your project performance in CMAP

Live Performance Tracking

CMAP runs on live data; with timesheets, expenses and purchases feeding real-time Budget vs. Actuals.

Real-time awareness enables you to identify and take action on poorly performing projects, tackle scope-creep and rein-in over-delivery.

Over time, CMAP helps you understand where you're profitable and gives you the tools to adapt and grow.

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Accurate, rapid invoicing with CMAP

Rapid Billing & Finance Management

Handle any type of billing arrangement without breaking a sweat.

Expense workflows ensure smooth billing on re-chargeable expenses. All the while, your key financial reports are automatically updated.

What's more, your finance staff will benefit from CMAP's range of integrations with popular accounting packages, which exist to free-up their time so they can focus on more productive tasks.

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CMAP BI's drag-and-drop Report Builder makes it easy for anyone to create powerful reports in CMAP

Business Intelligence

CMAP's Business Intelligence tool helps you drill down on project finances, productivity & everything in between.

Choose from a range of industry-specific reports or create your own custom reports from scratch via our easy-to-use, drag & drop Report Builder.

Any report you run can be published straight to your personalised dashboards to ensure you're always up to date, helping your agency stay one step ahead.

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Stay Informed with Powerful, Personalized Dashboards

Live Monitoring

Live dashboards bring together your project data. They provide real-time insights and alerts for up-to-the-minute performance analysis, enabling you to make quicker, better informed decisions.

Interactive Insights

The visual layout draws your eye to elements that require your attention. Dashboards are clickable, so you're free to dig deeper and take action with a single click.

Personalized For You

Focus on the data that matters to your role. Whether you're a project manager, designer, finance user or the CEO, CMAP has a perfect dashboard for you.

Build Your Own

With CMAP BI, you can leverage your data to create any kind of dashboard you like. You can share it with colleagues and even publish it to your mobile phone for live, on-the-street updates.

CMAP's dashboard gives you a real-time view of the information that matters to you

Seeing is Believing

Enough said? It's time to see for yourself! Book your free, personal demo with a CMAP Expert to find out more about our game-changing project management software.

We’ve always had Project Admins who take care of all the actions for their teams. The difference now is that they can do their job much more easily. They’ve championed the introduction of CMAP.

– Karina Crowfoot, Oxford Pharmagenesis

CMAP allows me to make better use of my time; if someone drops a request on me in the past it might have eaten up hours of my time, but now I can have an answer for them in seconds.

– Karina Crowfoot, Oxford PharmaGenesis

There have been huge improvements in time management. CMAP has opened our eyes to how much time we haemorrhaged into near enough every single project.

– Karina Crowfoot, Oxford PharmaGenesis

CMAP makes sense of everything instantly and shines light into corners which never saw light before.

– Robert Dodds, Director, BDRC Continental